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Coming soon…

It’s time to write down something new…

I’m planning to create a map of my home network using Dia, and post it on Rate My Network Diagram web site. I just only have to find the time to do it…


Running commands on multiple Linux machines

The gsh software was born to run a command in parallel on multiple Linux machines.

Sincerely I did not test it, but posted this link on my blog as a future reference, it may become usefull one day..

Hello world!

Ok, today is April 15th 2010. And I decided to open a blog.

I think there are almost two big reasons to open a blog:

  1. You have something important you want the others to know
  2. You know something and you want to know others’ opinion about it

But I decided to open this blog for another reason. Recently my memory seems to lack some neurons, so I usually forgot things I should must remember. So I first decided to write things on paper, but I discovered I could forgot where I put those piece of paper. So I thought “maybe my notes won’t be lost on Internet”, and I opened this blog.

So here you will find my notes on electronics, computer and whatever else I have to wrote down before i forgot them. Obviously, you won’t find my credit card number: I forgot where i put it…