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REST client? We have it!

Sometimes you have to develop against a web service. This is really common today and you can have the needs for testing a function quickly without having a code working or a way to write it.

In this case a tool like RESTer is what can help you to successfully undestand what is happening behind the scene.

RESTer is a browser addon which can be installed in Firefox or Chrome. I personally use it in Firefox, but it shoud be the same for Chrome.

You can define a set of web service queries, each one with its method (GET/POST,…) the body request (if needed) and you can save and keep organized your queries. You can even import/export them for using on another device. Queries can be parametrics, and parameters values can be inserted when calling them.

But one of the greatest features I used today, is the Enviroment. You can define a set of variables which can be placed inside the queries and switched automatically; in this way you can define a Production environment, on which you are referencing the real server, and a Test enviroment, in which you reference your test server, and switch from the two just with one click.

It worth a try…


Remotely turn on remote desktop

Sometimes you need to access a PC remotely, but remote desktop has not been configured. What can you do without being in front of that PC?

Follow these instructions: Remotely turn on RDP

A very usefull article!