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Actualizing A-GPS data when service is broken…

Since May 15th Long Time Orbiter data provided by Global Locate lacks some files, so my iPaq cannot update GPS data using Quick GPS Connection software.

I’ve just sent an email to Global Locate to signal this problem, and I’m waiting an answer. In the meanwhile I tried to manually fix the problem.

If you check, you can see that at some point directory name changed: from hh:mm:ss.nnnnnn to hh:mm:ss. Also directory contents changed: svstatus.txt file is missing in the new directories, and this is the first file downloaded by Quick GPS Connection software.

So I manually downloaded lto.dat file from directory, and via ActiveSync I copied it into \Application Data\Global Locate\Gpsct on the iPaq. Now Quick GPS Connection says data is valid and will expire within 6 days and 20 hours.

I’ll wait an answer from Global Locate to see if the problem will be fixed on server.

June 16th UPDATE

It seems that service status has been restored. Today I connected my iPaq and it successfully downloaded data on its own. Checking directories contents let me know that in directory the missing svstatus.txt file has been restored, and so in all subsequent directories.