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A new gadget is coming…

Even during holidays I can’t resist watching eBay and similar sites. And thanks to YouTube channels I’m following (first of all My PlayHouse), I decided to buy a new 1U server to join to my DELL PowerEdge in my data center.

It’s basically a 64 bit dual core Opteron with 8GB RAM and 2x1TB SATA disks.

I’m planning to use it as a NAS with FreeNAS to share an iSCSI device for my ESXi host running on the DELL PowerEdge.

More info coming when the device will be in my hands..


GDB online Debugger | Compiler – Code, Compile, Run, Debug online C, C++

A colleague brought my attention to this awesome site: From here you can freely test and even debug your code snippets in C/C++, C++14 and even also other languages like PHP, Java and js.

A must-have link in your bookmarks. It worth a look, give it a try.