Making LightScribe work…

Today a friend of mine was trying to label a disk with LightScribe, but the drive did not show up in LightScribe control panel drive list.

After googling around, i found a couple of articles that reports how to turn LightScribe to work. You have to manually edit your registry, then the device will show up and you will be able to label your disk.

The key you have to modify is located into

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

and is named allocatecdroms. Put its value to 0 and you will see your drive working.

Why do you have to do so? Technical description of the key meaning is available on Microsoft TechNet website. Basically this item controls sharing of CDROM drives between current logged on user and other administrative PC’s users. If the value is 1, CDROMs are allocated privately for currently logged on user, and cannot be shared with other administrative users.As LightScribe runs with a service, logged with another account with administrative privileges, it won’t be able to access your drive. Putting 0 in this key allows LightScribe service to access your drive.

Remember: after changing the key you have to restart your PC (maybe you can also logoff and logon again without having to restart).

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